Adding standard shadow to SL Photographic Characters

Anyone found a way round this...

All I wanted to do was add some image shadow to the built-in characters.

I added the "standard" Perspective shadow type - Perspective Diagonal Upper Right (or Left) - and found that it produces a rather lovely effect.

David Copperfield would be proud.

Any ideas of how to get a normal, non-gravitationally challenged shadow?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hey Bruce! :D

It's not completely perfect, but you should be able to select the "Shadow Options" in the shadow menu and modify the "Distance" and "Angle" options so that shadow lines up a little bit better with the character's feet.

Here's a quick example:

I'm sure the graphic experts here will have some better options for you, but I just wanted to throw that out there in case it helps :)

Thanks and good luck!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Bruce and Antony!

No problem at all! I actually hadn't tried that prior to this discussion, simply started playing around with it and I realized that you should be able to modify that shadow, just like shadows for normal objects. I don't typically use characters very often, so I was curious about this one as well :)

Antony Snow said:

There's hope for us all then

+1! :)

Hope you both have an awesome day!


Paul Miller

Do you mean lower in terms of in relationship to the character?

If so, no that's not my real concern. My issue is with the sliders in the Format Picture/Shadow dialog. They have no affect on the shadow what so ever. And it's not just with characters, it's also with shapes.

Maybe you can't adjust the characteristics of a perspective shadow. Any other type of shadow these sliders work as expected. I can certainly attach a .story file, but I don't know why that would be necessary. It's one slide with a character and a perspective shadow applied, nothing else.

Referring to Christine's post earlier in this thread, it appears you can make changes to a perspective shadow, but given the time that post originated, it had to been with SL1.

Thanks for your help with this.


Paul Miller

Ashley - I have confirmed that the perspective shadow options in SL1 work as expected and that I'm applying these options correctly. With the image I posted previously, these same options in SL2 have no affect at all. 

Can you or someone please confirm that this is a SL2 issue and not a system requirements problem? I'm sure my computer meets the software requirements.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

We typically request a file just to confirm that we're understanding the description offered here and following along with your exact steps - but this additional reply provided me with the information needed to understand the issue as you've described. 

I do see that this issue has been reported to our QA team for additional review. I don't yet have any information to share on the status of this bug, but I'll include the post here in the report currently filed so that our team is aware of other users who are impacted and so that I can share any updates with you here once available. 

Also, as a note - it seems the changes are not reflected in the stage, but that they do take effect when previewed or published. So you'll be able to use that as a workaround for now.