Adding States with My Own Pictures

Apr 12, 2016

Hi Everyone! I am new to Storyline and have watched multiple tutorials on states, but they always use the characters. I am trying to create a drag & drop where I will drag the rectangle icons into the folder (initially closed) and when I hover over the folder, it will appear as open. I have an open image AND a closed image. However, I cannot figure out how to add the 'open image' as a new state on the closed image. I know I'm doing something wrong but none of the tutorials I am finding are specific to my problem. Help!

The slide I am referencing is slide 2.3.

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Ali Goulet

Hi Maggie,

Welcome to heroes! When you add the open folder state, you'll want to delete the closed folder image and add the open folder image in its place. I've attached your edited project file with the open state on the closed folder image, I also added a closed state to the open folder image in case you wanted to go that route. Depending on which you want, you can delete the other from the timeline. Hope that helps! :)

Leslie McKerchie

So close Maggie!

All you needed to do was add the picture of the open folder as the image for the open state.

I've updated your file and attached here. I also added a trigger for on hover as you mentioned above as well.

There is an image offstage, but that's your original as I didn't want to remove it.

Closed folder > States Tab > Edit States > Select Open State (you did a great job at creating your custom state btw) > Delete original closed image > Insert picture of open folder as that state.

Hope that helps!

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