Adding tab function to multiple variables on one slide.

Aug 12, 2016


I have 3 variables on one slide to collect basic information.

Most users, I believe, will probably try to tab from one field to the other.

However, when I tap the first variable field, in Storyline 2 preview, it takes me up to the question (the text) and not to the next variable field. Is this possibly because I'm still in SL2? I have not ran a published test yet.

Any helps would be greatly appreciated.


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Ok, the Related Content, in the right column, was helpful though the feedback was 3 years old.

Upon viewing the feedback, it appears that I should remove the accessibility feature. Ok, that works.

However, I do want to know whether this is the latest fix to tab from one variable to another on the same slide.

Thanks much!


Hi Leslie,

Thank you for responding.

The "tab order of your slide objects" produced the same results as "removing accessibility". Which is fine. I now have keyboard navigation and since the training courses will only be viewable by internal employees, I'm okay with not being "screen readers" compliant.

Thanks for your assistance.

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