Display multiple variables in one text entry box?

Oct 04, 2019

I would like to display multiple variables in one text entry field. Right now I have each variable going to a separate text entry box on the second slide (see attached). Is there a way to display more than one variable in the same text entry field? Users can pick, 1, 2 all 3 + their own text entry on slide 1. I want whatever combination they choose to display on slide 2. Do I need a custom javascript?

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Jin Bang

Hi Laurie,

Are you certain that you want to use Text Entry as a display for the results of your answer? A textbox can be used instead and easily show the values selected from the previous slide without the use of javascript.

Just use 

%Variable1% %Variable2% %Variable3% %TextEntry%

And it will display on the values on a single box.

If you want to go the Javascript route, here's a recent discussion that might get you to the right direction.

Let me know how it goes. 



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