Adding the same trigger to multiple slides?!?

Nov 20, 2012

Hi there,

I want to add the same trigger every slide in my Storyline do I do that? Do I have to set up each trigger individually on each slide?

Thank you, thank you, in advance!


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Jacqueline Justice

Thank you, I have included in the master slide, slide triggers & everything works except clicking the next button to move to the next slide.  I have disabled the next button until the timeline ends.  (that works!) 

I have changed the state of the next button to normal  when the timeline ends. (this is not working)  it remains greyed out

Player triggers

jump to next slide when the user clicks the next button if the next button = true (this is not working)  it automatically jumps to the next slide without clicking. 

any suggestions?      

Bob O'Donnell

You shouldn't need to custom code the Next button - the default setting will go to the next page when its clicked.

Try checking the properties panel for your slide and see if you have it set to advance by user or advance automatically. Without seeing your file, it sounds like you may have it set to advance to the next slide automatically. Try looking at those settings.

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