Adding Trigger -Slide Layer

Sep 01, 2020


I thought I submitted this query, but it's not showing in my discussions. I added a layer to a quiz and after the layer I'd like the user to be able to jump to this next scene. There doesn't seem to be a trigger to move forward after the user views the layer and clicks the submit arrow in the bottom left corner.

Any advice?



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Walt Hamilton

When the user clicks Submit, It there are Correct and/or Incorrect and/or Try Again layers, they will each have a Button to click. You can add a "Jump to ..." trigger to those. If you have removed those feedback layers, the Submit Button defaults to jumping to the next slide in the scene, if there is one.

If you want to have no feedback layer, and jump to another slide, i think the best method is to use either a feedback layer, or another slide in the scene. Whichever you choose, delete everything from it, and give it a trigger to jump to the correct location when its timeline starts.

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