Adding TTS for slide with bullet points

Oct 31, 2023

Hello All, i'm new to storyline and want to add TTS for bullet points in a slide. Looking forward to guidance, Thank you in advance

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Nedim Ramic

I don't know how exactly you are planning to use your bullets in a slide. What can you do is to add TTS for all content that you can split in to more text boxes with bullet points in the timeline and show them one by one as TTS progress. You could also add more TTSs for every single bullet but that you would have to consider using more triggers in this case in order to stop one TTS and play the next TTS so they don't overlap each other. I have attached a few screenshots and a sample story file. If you are new to Storyline I strongly suggest reading this article about Text-to-Speech Hope someone else with more experience in this topic will jump in to advise. 

Jose Tansengco

Hello Resha, 

Glad to see that you're getting awesome help from the community!

I just wanted to add that the text-to-speech feature doesn't take into account the formatting of the text, such as bullet points, because its main purpose is to convert the entered text into an audio file. While periods and commas can represent pauses, bullets points are harder to translate into audio. 

We recommend entering bullet points one line item at a time so it will be easier to distinguish where one bullet point ends and the other begins.