Adding variables over multiple pages

Oct 06, 2014

Hi all,

I'm building a form, where the learner clicks on radio buttons assigned different values (-3 to +3) for each question. There are 25 questions total, but only 5 fit on a page at a time. I have created a variable for each page and triggers for each radio button. The trigger is that it will add/subtract a specific number from the page variable when the user clicks the next button, if that radio button is selected. That way, if they change their mind, it won't re add another variable. (see screen shot 1).

Then, I created a master variable, and had it sum each of the page variables upon start of the timeline (see screen shot 2).

I made a text box on the final page, where everything is summed, to see if each page was doing what it was supposed to do. (I inserted a reference to each page#). However, they are all showing as 0's. Somehow, along the way, when you click the next button, the numbers aren't actually being added to each page variable, or the values for each page variable are not being saved.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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