additional questions for failed course

Hi I have just started using Articulate storyline and i need to produce a mock up before i get the funding to purchase the product and to get some proper training.

I have not mastered scenes (i get layers)

What i want to add is if the user gets a question wrong, an additonal slide of info and then another question if they get that right they pass if they dont they fail.

I also the need from the original question the option to jump through to the end if they get it right.

I know this has to be possible and its the final thing i need to demonstrate before i can present this example course to management.

Any advice?

Also if you think of anything i have to include to show how good the program is please tell me what and how i really want to make this project work.

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Will Bladon

To add questions depending on answer you can set branching options.

Do this by setting the 'Feedback and Branching' options (see below images).

Click on 'More' to set the options for that result- ie if they get it wrong and you want them to divert to an extra question slide, click on 'More' for 'incorrect'

From this screen you can set the branching options to decide where the learner is directed.

Hope that helps

Rachel Steele

Thank you Will, 

 I couldn't get the branching menu to activate (it was gray and shaded out) but it did help me to then spot the slide layers section that allowed me to select if correct jump to if incorrect jump to and that looks like it works.  I would still be interested in knowing how to get branching working.

Rachel Steele

Will Bladon said:

Yes that is weird- as long as feedback is enabled the branching seems to work on mine (for correct and incorrect anyway).

If you cant get it working and dont mind- you could post a copy of the file for people to look at.

Thank you Will I will try to upload an example, need to master that one too!