Adjust Total Display Time?

May 02, 2014

There's a bug in Storyline so that when I open an existing course and edit certain slides, every slide I edit gets its Total Display Time increased to exactly the same, very long length.  E.g. every slide I've edited is suddenly 278 seconds long - much longer than it was before. 

Question: how do I set the Total Display Time for a slide, other than going to the timeline and dragging it back to where it was before?  It's very time consuming because I can only drag it about 30 seconds at a time, then click the scroll bar at the bottom, then drag some more.  And repeat for every edited slide.  See screenshot.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Laura,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

First, that isn't expected behavior and I apologize for the trouble. The only time you should see this happen is if you added a new object that actually spans for that much time. For example, if you added a new video or audio file to the slide that plays for 278 seconds, it would expand the timeline. It doesn't sound like this is what's happening, so we'll want to take a closer look. 

You mentioned that this happens when you open an existing course and make modifications. Am I correct in understanding that this is happening for you in multiple projects? If so, can you let me know if this happens in a brand new project? Please try creating a new project, add some temporary content to a slide and then save the file. Close the file and see if opening and modifying the file results in the same issue. 

Additionally, please make sure that you're working with local project files:

  • Work on your local drive (your C: drive). Working on a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior, including file corruption, loss of audio, and other unexpected behavior. 
  • You should also make sure the directory path to your project files and your published output is less than 260 characters (for example C:\Articulate).
  • Avoid using special characters, accents or symbols in your file names (this includes spaces and underscores).

Additional information regarding "Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces" in Windows operating systems can be found in the following Microsoft article.

Please make sure you're running the most recent version of Storyline. Articulate Storyline Update 5 includes bug fixes, performance improvements, and HTML5 output enhancements. Click here for details.

If you're already working locally with your Storyline project files and you've updated, it may help to run a quick repair:

Articulate Support - How to Repair Articulate Storyline

Please let me know if you're still seeing this issue with the timeline after following the suggestions above.


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