Adjusting total display time

Mar 20, 2014


Is there a way to adjust the total display time (other than dragging the line)?

Long story, SME sent me a file where a slide is 3000 seconds long. Figured out that one of the objects was pasted from another training, and so I ungrouped the object and adjusted the timing of the object to 58 seconds.  But the total display time is stuck at 3000 seconds and dragging it back will take longer than I want.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anna,

It's a common question - and dragging it back is the typical route. You could also zoom out the timeline so that it's easier to keep dragging to the left to adjust it. Also, I'd suggest submitting a feature request as others have to include a "snap to longest object" feature or to enter a value for the total timeline. 

Rebecca Tyra

There is another trick instead of just dragging the whole time. Starting at the end of the timeline, left-click on the end of the timeline. As you start dragging left, push the left arrow key on your keyboard. It will jump ahead to the beginning of the timeline and adjust the slide timing with it.

Here's a helpful video:

James Murphy

Hi guys

I'm assuming this is for storyline1? I don't have much experience with storyline1 but for anyone looking at this thread having the issue in storyline2 you simply right click on the object in question and select "timing" at the bottom of the menu. From there you can input a  duration and start time numerically without doing any dragging or adjusting of the timeline item. 



Eswarkumar Kantheti

Drag the end of the timeline to change slide duration
Drag the end of the timeline to the left to reduce the duration of the slide. (Tip: If you need to reduce the duration dramatically, begin dragging the end of the timeline, then press the left arrow key on your keyboard. It'll automatically snap to the last/longest object in the timeline.)