Adjust Variable "Add Value" Works on Some Slides and Not Others!

Sep 24, 2022

Hi all, 

For my own edification, I am wondering what's wrong with my personality quiz! 

I followed a template provided from the ELH Challenge. When the learner clicks a picture there are two triggers: adjust variable by adding 1 to one of four variables. Then it jumps to the next slide. (In that trigger order.) The only other thing going on is that the pictures have a hover state. 

The problem is the "add value" trigger is only working on some of my slides. I've tried rebuilding without the hover state, and I'm still having the trigger issue. I started rebuilding the slides from scratch, and the first time I remade one, the triggers did start working. The second time they did not.

I attached my project and was hoping someone could help me with why this is happening. It feels like I followed the same process for each slide, so I'm really scratching my head. 


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Math Notermans

As the behaviour in your story surprised me too... i first changed the next slide actions...all disabled them so i could see whether the adding +1 to the variables worked. It did. So my guess now is its timing. The variables arenot added before the story is going to the next slide. Changing the next slide behaviour now to test that.

Math Notermans

And indeed adding a trigger that waits for the change of the variable to jump to the next slide and all works as wanted. Here is my version.

Kind regards,

PS. i think in previous versions this behaviour was not present, so it might have slipped in by one of the latest Storyline updates...