Adjusting final score of quiz

Jul 10, 2013

Is there a way to adjust the final score of a quiz before it's submitted to the LMS, either using a variable or otherwise? I want to hijack the value and add bonus points. I have a custom variable to handle my bonus points and I want to add it to the built-in value that Storyline computes for the final score and then use that as a final score. Thoughts?

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Sara Reller

This isn't exactly what you are looking for but you could put a "fake" question in. I had an e-learning start with a question that was "I am ready to take this quiz." T/F. You got a point! (And for our purposes you saw how to use the quiz the true one gave a little explanation and the false took you to a layer that walked you thru where to click, what would be scored, etc.)

But you could also add a trigger to increase the variable by one (or your preferred number) when the results slide timeline starts. Under variables you should be able to find the Results.ScorePoints for the correct quiz.

Josh Uhlig


You might be able to do what you wish using multiple results slides and then combine the results into a final results slide.  There is a little information about it here (see step 3).  I've never used it before myself, but it seems you could have the bonus points calcualted in a second results slide, and then combine the standard quiz and bonus points into a 3rd results slide which is selected during your publish as the one to report to the LMS.

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