How to Have a Variable Submitted as a Course's Score

Jan 15, 2020

Hey everyone,

So we had a project built by an outside vendor and while we did not want scores passed for most of the courses, the final game course was supposed to pass a score to the LMS. However, the vendor did not build it to do so (instead, it just has a course complete trigger).

The game has five rounds, with the possibility for bonus points. All of those rounds and bonus points are then added together to create the total score (which is what should have been sent to the LMS).

The problem is that they built all of the question slides as plain slides (NOT graded slides) and those variables for the points and total score as custom variables that are manually added up via triggers. There's no proper Results slide (there's a slide that displays the variables to the learner, but not a proper Results slide that could pass the total score to the LMS) and I can't seem to just stick a Results slide in as the questions are not built as proper graded slides.

I'm at a bit of a loss on how to remedy this issue without redoing the whole thing, especially when you consider the bonus points side of things.

Is there any easy way for me to pass a custom number variable to the LMS as the score for the course? I'm thinking there might be something I could jerryrig (some way to trigger a Results.ScorePoints variable to match a custom variable) but I'm coming up empty.

My guess is it will require whipping up some JavaScript which is unfortunately not a strength of mine.

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