Adjusting story size after recording the video

Dec 11, 2018


I need to adjust the story size after the fact - the story size was set to 4:3 and the display was at a different ratio so there is white space at the top and bottom of the slides. I'm trying to adjust the story size but having difficulty as the size adjustments are resulting in shrinking the on screen content.

How do I adjust story size post-recording to adjust to the actual recorded content?



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Tom Kuhlmann

If the story was 4:3 and you recorded at 4:3 the video will always be 4:3. When you change the story size, the slide aspect ratio changes, but the video will still be 4:3. Thus the margins on top/bottom or sides.

You haveĀ a few options without recording again:

  • Scale the video to fill the slide, but you'll obviously will lose part of the top/bottom
  • Crop the video to the slide's aspect ratio
  • Use the zoom region to show parts of the screen you want them to focus on. It still crops out part of the screen, but it also make all of the video available based on where the zoom region is set.

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