Adjusting trigger "Tracking" with Dial


This may be associated with my mouse, but since Dials and Sliders have been introduced into the Storyline repertoire, I have typically had issues with the Dial going past steps on the dial to an unwanted stop, missing a spot, or being "janky" to smoothly control. I typically use no more than 6-7 layers that are being shown, associated with the Dial or Slider, and increments are Step val of 1. I have tried 1.5, 2, etc.

This issue is not as prevalent with the slider. Only the Dial.

Anyone experience this? Any suggestions?

Thanks to all and keep washing your hands :)


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Edward!

I don't see any bugs logged that relate to this type of behavior with dials! I'm interested in investigating what might be happening. 

I've recreated a similar course on my end and it looks like dials are working as expected. You can test my course here.

If you're comfortable sharing your file and/or a screen recording of the behavior, I think that would be a step in the right direction. You can share privately by using this link.

Edward Hoke

Hi Lauren!

I discussed this with David offline. For whatever reason, dials are a little wonkier than sliders with respect to going past dial node points, etc., as mentioned. He did state that increments can be as small as .01 for a Step Value which I didn't know. I may try that too. Thanks!