Use a Dial or Slider to display the current value of a Variable

Jul 18, 2018

I am trying to display the value of a variable in a dial (or a slider) and cannot seem to find anything that can get me over the finish line and am looking for some advice...

There are 20 questions that can have an Always, Sometimes or Never response.

I set up 20 sliders to go with the points and have a variable which adds the response each time a slider is changed. (0 = Never, Sometimes = 3, Always = 5).  There are 10 questions on one layer and 10 questions on another layer.

I would like to have a dial show the current value of the variable each time the user changes a slider.

I think I need to be using triggers to update the dial & the variable each time a slider is changed but after dozens of tries and several close-to-but-not-quite demos and tutorials and am now stumped.  

please help...please

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Steve Gannon


When you add a dial or slider to a slide, Storyline automatically creates a variable associated with that dial/slider. So if you want to display the current value of the dial/slider, just insert that variable as text on the slide in percent symbols, for example: %Slider 1%.

No triggers will be needed to adjust the value in this case. As the user adjust the dial/slider, the value will update on the slide.

Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached and see if that`s what you wanted. I changed quite a few things. I only use one dial that sits on the baselayer. Anytime a slider is moved, a variable is toggled. Based on that change the total score is recalculated. Because you wanted to have scores of 0, 3 and 5 for each questions, I also had to change the slider steps and add a separate score variable for each slider.

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