Adobe Fireworks for initial design?

May 29, 2013

I'm curious as to whether there are people out there who use Adobe Fireworks to come up with initial design comps prior to working in Storyline. If so I would like to hear about your experiences, good or bad, with this approach.

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Steve Flowers

Hey Eric - 

Just noticed this post. Fireworks is my favorite tool for running comps for UI and layout work. No bad experiences on my end. Text handling isn't quite as good as Photoshop but other than that, I'll choose FW for these types of tasks.

I use library objects judiciously and will either use slices and export for some elements or simply use the Fireworks source as an imported element. There is some overhead in the source but this gets processed out on publish.

Eric Rohrer

Thanks Steve and Michael. I was just curious. I'm finding my UI/UX career blending with my eLearning career .

During Storyline beta a put some suggestions in regarding guides and grid (like being able to incorporate a 960 system). I like Fireworks primary for this reason (layout, wireframing, comps, etc.).

I agree, Photoshop is a little overkill, but I use it as well for editing existing imagery.

I will say that is an amazing resource for learning these tools. I can never claim to be an expert, but learning these tools has been very helpful. I recently did a project where I used Fireworks to build some comps and had a lot of control of layout due to working in a grid.

Steve Flowers

I've used Fireworks (can do the same in PPT but Fireworks is better for tuning visuals) to produce "storystrips". Wide format storyboards that illustrate transitions over time. Handy for some stuff. Also use for themed visual outputs. An example in this post:

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