Adobe Flash Restriction

Mar 20, 2017

Hi, I know there are already threads on this topic, but I can't seem to find a specific answer for my query. We have just purchased SL2 and I have now discovered that I cannot publish any course if there is a Flash dependency due to IT security policy. 

I see a lot of answers saying that I can still publish if I direct users to the story_html5.html file but I don't see this file when i publish using the CD option (publish to local drive). All i see is the story.html file.

Can anybody help? (sorry if silly question, newbie!)

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Phil Mayor

The CD option odes not provide HTML5 output it was designed to be delivered via a flash projector (the exe file).

All other courses are designed to be run off a server, you could run the html5 blocally y directing the user to click on the html5 link from a web publish bit there is no guarantee this will work across al machines.

Phil Mayor

I would not guarantee it will play on every machine.  It depends on what the default browser is, if it is not a supported HTML5 browser for SL2 it may have issues. Also playing web files locally can have problems things such as links and web objects will not work as you expect. In some instances where browsers are locked down by security policies it may not play at all.


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