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Dec 26, 2012


I'm quite new to Storyline but doing well - most things are easy to figure out.  However I'm trying to figure out what some of the options in the trigger wizard are (specifically the 'other events' list) - I've tried playing with them but they aren't doing what I expected they would do.  Is there a more advanced tutorial on these somewhere because the basic triggers tutorial doesn't cover these options?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Miriam. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

The tutorials currently posted are mainly to get you started with triggers. I don't see any for the ones you mentioned, but I'm sure if there are some available, someone will post the link here

If you see a trigger or try to use one and have any questions, always feel free to ask here. We have an awesome community and everyone's pretty great about helping out.

With the "Other Events" triggers, I can give you a little information that may help. However, if you're running into problems with any of them, just let us know what's happening.

On Event:

User presses a key - You can assign this to a key. So, if you prompt your users to hit "Enter", for example, to read more information on a topic, you could use this trigger to show a layer with that information. 

State - Say you want the same information used in the example above, but you want it to show when a state changes. You could assign this to a character. If you have a hover state for a character the information could show when the user mouses over, or hovers, over the character - which would make the state change.

Variable changes - If you have a variable set up, you'd be able to tie the trigger to it when the variable changes. So, if you have a True/False variable with the default set to False, you could have this trigger come into play when the variable changes to True.

Mouse hovered over - This is a little similar to State. The trigger could be assigned to an object, instead of working with states. So, when the user mouses over that object, the trigger would fire.

Media completes - Say you want to move to the next slide, or to show a new layer when an audio file finishes playing. You'd be able to do something like that with this trigger.

Control loses focus - Say your user has a text box selected. When they click off of that text box, or somewhere else on the slide, the object loses focus. 

Here's some examples from Phil Mayor on this trigger:

"An example I would use could be to perform a calculation.  e.g you have a series of numerical entry fields the user can tab through after the third you want a calculation performed, you can do this when the control loses focus.

Another use could be to validate the entry, when the control loses focus you execute some JavaScript to check the data entered is correct or to perform a calculation such as age from date of birth"

I hope this information helps :)

Again, if you have any questions about specific triggers or need examples, just ask!

Thanks, Miriam!


Miriam de Jonge

Thanks for the quick reply! 

The triggers I'm trying to figure out at the moment are trying to change the state of an object when the user either successfully or unsuccessfully completes a quiz question.  I creating question banks linked to a base slide so when they return to the base slide I want them to see that the section they attempted was completed unsuccessfully or successfully depending on how they went on the particular question bank.  So I'm choosing

Action :  Change State of

Object: - the object

To State - Incorrect (a custom state I created)

When - Quiz Attempt Failure

Object - I can't seem to select anything here...

So what do the 'when' options of Quz Attempt Failure, Final Quiz Failure and Quiz Success actually mean?  (sidebar question...Is a quiz different to a question bank?)  And what object am I supposed to assign to these (an object I obviously haven't created yet or I assume it would come up as an option in the last dropdown box).

Thanks in anticipation!

Miriam de Jonge

Hmmm...ok, I can see how that might work.  I can see when I'm on the results slide and click on the 'x' that the results variables for this particular quiz show up in the list of variables.  But these variables don't show up in the list of available variables when I try to add a trigger.  I read elsewhere that you can use the results variable on other slides so is there some trick to having them show up in the list of available variables?  (feeling so close yet so far!  lol)

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