After changing layers, slide hotspots stopped working properly. Help!

I have a somewhat complicated slide. It has a picture of a room with objects that are considered infection hazards. The user is supposed to find the hazards and click on them to correct them. 

I set it up so that the hazards are images with a normal and after state. There are hotspots on top of each image which each trigger a layer (at the moment some are simple feedback and a couple have questions). On top of the hotspots are shapes which start out as disabled (deleted) and change to found (transparent) once the hotspot has been clicked on, so that the hotspots can only be clicked on once.

The original version had feedback layers that were triggered by the hotspots and worked exactly as I wanted it to. I am in the process of changing from feedback to questions with variables to trigger correct/incorrect layers and to keep track of the number of right answers. And now it no longer works. I can't click on all of the hotspots anymore. Sometimes I can do 1 or 2, and sometimes none at all. I've tried adjusting the timeline, disabling different triggers, and a few other things, but can not figure out what is wrong. I'm fairly new to Storyline so it could be something simple that I'm just overlooking. I'd love for someone else to take a look and see if they can see what I'm missing. Thank you!

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Ren Gomez

Hi Larissa,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your file! I jumped in and came across the same issues.

There may be some trigger cleanup/order issues that are causing this, but I'm going to enlist our support engineers to take a closer look and see if they can help you decipher what's causing some of these hotspots not to work correctly.

Once they test your file, they'll reach out with the next steps!