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Dec 20, 2013


One day I might be able to answer a question on here rather than just asking all of the time!

I am building a course which contains 4 modules, there is a test at the end of each module and the user cannot move onto the next module unless they have achieved 80% or greater, I have managed to do this with the variables. The problem that I have is on the 4th module if the user gets 1 question wrong they get a result of 75% and therefore fail.

One question on it's own out of the 16 in total throughout the course would not be sufficient to fail but due to the way the scoring is compiled on a modular basis I cannot find a way around this.

In reality it should be possible to get a maximum of 3 questions wrong across the course and still achieve a pass. I have thought about the weighing of points but it still seems to be an issue of aggregate scoring.

Any help, gratefully received as always.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew,

It sounds like something we'd need to see to fully understand how you're tracking the score using variables, and what that last module may be looking at to determine the user isn't passing.

 n the meantime, have you looked at tracking use one main results slide? There are a few different methods to do this, for example here is one where all quiz results are shown on one slide. 

Storyline also allows you to use multiple result slides in the same course (although only one result slide can be tracked in Articulate Online or another LMS).  You can even combine scores from multiple result slides to create a final result slide with a consolidated score, by setting up a final results slide that instead of tracking quiz questions tracks results slide. 

Matthew Swift

I've had a look at the tutorial but it does not seem to resolve my issue.

Essentially I have 4 question banks, I need to achieve over 80% in a question bank to advance to the next module, then at the end of the 4th question bank I need a combined score total, is there anyway I could create a formula to total the 4 results and just display the 1 result which would need to be 80% or above for all attempted questions, this result will then trigger the ability to produce a certificate.

Hope this makes sense.

Matthew Swift

Hi Phil,

I have 4 results slides at present, however, there are only 4 questions drawn from the bank at the end of each module, as there has to be 16 questions in total, this means that a candidate can effectively get 3 wrong answers over the 16 questions and still get a pass mark over 80%. If a candidate gets 1 question wrong in any module they will not be able to move on as they will have only received 75%.

I'm pulling out what precious little hair I have left trying to find a way around this.

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