Ajax error {"readyState":4,"status":404,"statusText":"error"}

I have a simple storyline slide with one variable on it , and I run this javascript when timeline starts.

Here is my code :

url: "****",
type: "GET",
success: function (data) {
error: function (data) {
The url is correct , I have tested it in the browser. I do publish, with WEB option. This is the error I get : {"readyState":4,"status":404,"statusText":"error"}

The url is a php page with this content:

echo 'hello';


I attached the html generated file. If someone could provide me with a storyline simple ajax working file, I would be grateful, Thank you!

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Brian Dennis

Topmost, you don't include jquery.js so the global '$' namespace is undefined. Second, the PHP is incorrect; see json_encode documentation on the PHP site. Beyond that, you need to code things so this code gets executed. Fourth, javascript doesn't work everywhere w/Storyline (see Articulate's Best Practices)