All interactive elements (text entries, radio buttons, and submit buttons) disabled on a non-base layer

I have this strange problem with one student: she is stuck on one slide where she is on a non-base layer with a few text entry boxes, radio buttons and a regular button. Non of them work -- can't type in the text entry boxes, can't select the radio button, and can't click on the regular button. 

However, this only happens to this student. All other students are fine. 

I was wondering if that has anything to do with the timeline of the base layer (55 seconds) and the top layer (8 seconds) but it seems not. 

Have anyone else had this type of strange issue? What could be the reason?

The SCORM package is hosted in a moodle site. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Rui!

Thank you for sharing these details! Since this is only happening to one student, I'd recommend asking the student which browser they are using and whether they are taking the course on a mobile device. 

If the student is using the same browser as everyone else, I'd recommend confirming that they are using an updated version of the browser.

Please keep us updated with your findings!