Mulitple Text Entry Boxes on One Slide

Is it possible to have multiple text entry boxes on one slide? This is for a customer data-entry program where the learner will type the Address, press Tab, type the zip code, press Tab and then type the phone number and press tab to jumpt to the next slide.

I put each text entry on its own layer with an accompanying hint, but the Text Entry Edit button only seems to capture one text for ALL of the layers. I did duplicate the first text entry layer, but then deleted the duplicated layer and tried a new one from start and the Text Entry Edit Button will still only show one type of text entry. PLEASE HELP.

The navigation of is fine. It's just that the text entry is accepting any text that is typed.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Katie,

If you haven't seen it already, you may want to check out the screenr below:

Also, here are some forum threads that may help you get this set up:

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I hope this helps! Good luck with the project :)


Katie Mohamed

None of those examples really captured what I'm trying to do. I need three entry text boxes with specific text typed in them. The user will have to press the Tab button to navigate to the next text entry. I also need Hint captions, Incorrect captions and Try again captions with each incorrect text entry. Do you have an example of this?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Katie,

I've been working with this and honestly having some fun working on an example. There's one issue that I've come across, however. 

The problem with moving forward to display an incorrect response from a text entry is that the text entry really isn't set until that field loses focus. As you've probably already seen, a variable and trigger are both created when a text entry is created. Now that text entry trigger only works when the control (or the text entry field) loses focus - basically something else in the slide needs to be selected.

Hint captions, no problem. Moving forward to other layers with entry boxes, we can set that up too. However, the "Incorrect" and "Try again" captions are going to be a problem if the only key you want to use is "Tab". 

Also, the problem with using "Tab" to move around in a slide is that it's going to call the accessibility feature in Storyline. You can work around this, but you'll have to make sure that every object in your slide is not being used by this feature. 

I'm posting the file that I've been working on, just in case you want to take a look. As you can see, when you click in the first text entry field, you'll get a hint. Also, if you enter an incorrect answer, you'll see the incorrect prompt. The problem, though, as you'll see is that if you enter the correct information you'll see the incorrect prompt again. If, however, you click "OK" and return to that main layer and hit "Tab" again, you'll get the next layer. As you can see, the variable is adjusting, but not until something else in the course gains control by interaction.