Multiple Text Entry using Layers on one slide

Nov 07, 2019


So I have to describe a large data form in one of my lessons (like 12 text entries!). So I have setup text entries and have a tip that pops up to describe what to enter etc. Then the user can click in the text entry box and enter text and then I want them to press the TAB key to move onto the next text entry. I also need the tip for the next entry to pop up.

So I can get this to work all on one layer but the amount of triggers is just insane and impossible to follow as there will be 12 entries (I have done only 3 and am already lost with too many triggers!!).  So I want to split the text entries over multiple layers so it is easier to manage. I have got everthing working apart from when I TAB from one text entry to another text entry on a different layer I can't just start typing, I have to click in the text entry box and then start typing. I made this work on one layer, so that when the TAB key is pressed it allows you to start typing in the next text entry. I have setup the Tab Order list as well but this makes no difference.

I have attached a story file of what I am doing to help you understand.

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Kelly Sheehan

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the suggestion, just given it a go and gotten 152 slides out of it eeek! I have noticed though that on quite a few screen that the background is empty and only the caption is showing, do you know why it might be doing this?

This is a first attempt anyway as the form will be changed going forward, but it does look like its going to be easier to do it this way. Awesome Idea!

Jeff Forrer

Hello, you can do small parts at a time, to help edit the result easier.  You can also select what you want included when you are done with each recording (i.e. include feedback, hint etc.), that will help minimize the amount of slides, objects etc. to edit.

he background empty could be because the text entry field may be the size of the whole screen, if so you can resize it over the area where the text entry is.

Some further instruction here:

It isn't a one and done type effort, which you probably noticed, there is a bit of manipulating needed to get your ultimate result, however it should help minimize all of the manually added triggers.  Once you get the hang of it, it works well.  You may want to start with just a few fields to get everything dialed in before doing all of it (I should have told you that, ahead of time ;0)  )Good luck!

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