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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Paula,

Welcome to the community.

First, currently it's not possible to hide the default next button. You CAN do this if you create your own custom button. But, you CAN disable the default next button. If you disable it, you may also want to create a prompt for Learners so they understand why the button isn't working.

See the attached for at least one way to do this. I've used your criteria.

Home Slide has 3 buttons that advance to 3 different slides.

I've created 3 True/False variables, set to false. I named them SL1visited, SL2 visited, SL3 visited.

Each button has a trigger to jump to its associated slide when the user clicks.

Each button ALSO has a trigger to set its associated variable to True when the user clicks.

Trigger order is important, so take a hard look at the trigger pane.

I've modified the Jump to the next slide trigger, adding a condition that it won't work unless the SL1 visited variable AND the SL2 visited variable AND the SL3 visited variable=True.

I created an additional trigger to show the Prompt layer on condition that SL1 is not = True OR the SL2 variable is not = True OR the SL 3 variable is not = True.

Trigger order is important again!

You don't say how Learners are going back to the Home button. I've set up a Prev button on these slides and manually changed the trigger so when Prev is clicked, Learners arrive at the Home slide.

I also added a little checkmark to the visited state of the buttons so Learners will know which ones they've already clicked on.

Please shout out with any questions and again, welcome!

Paula Wanska

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for your explanation, although I haven't had a chance to review your steps yet. I am just learning the Storyline lingo, so I apoligize if I'm not explaining my solution version appropriately.

Here is what I am thinking. On the home slide I give the learner buttons to select. These buttons include Visited States. When they click each button they access the specific slide. That slide has a jump button that directs them back to the home slide: your Prev button). Once they have visited all the button slides, and jump back to the home slide, then the Next button appears.

Here is the tutorial that helped me with the States:


(How to get learners to view all tabs)

Thank you very much,