Allow only 1 items in each drop target and states


I've got a drag and drop question, 4 drop targets, 16 possibilities and only 4 correct. I have correct and incorrect states for each of the 16 blocks.

I have selected "Allow only one item in each drop target" but I've noticed a slight anomaly. If I put an incorrect answer into the drop target it changes the state to incorrect as programmed.

However if I move another shape (correct or incorrect) it moves the shape back to it's original position (which is the correct behaviour) but it retains its incorrect state.

I have added a trigger to change the state of the drag object back to normal when it's dropped on my hotspot (where all of my 16 shapes are placed).

I'm not sure why this isn't working. Does anyone have any ideas?

I have attached a copy of the slides.

Thanks so much for all the help - I don't know what I would do without elearning heroes!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shelley,

Thanks so much for sharing your file here. I was looking at the first slide, and the firs tfew drag items do return to their normal state (fast moving water and difficulty bringing boat into land and rescue with throw line and row with faster boats) but I see the behavior that you're referring to on the other ones. It does not appear that they have all the same triggers, and that seems to be part of the issue with it? So it looks like you'll need to continue to add those other triggers - and you can use the copy and paste functionality to allow you to add them. 

Shelley McKay

Dear Ashley

Thanks so much for getting back to me.

I had noticed this behaviour and I think it has something to do with the fact that those are the correct answers for this scenario and these drop targets. The 4th correct answer is "Difficulty bringing the boat into landing stage", which will perform the same way.

These 4 have different triggers because they are the correct answers and need to behave differently.

So I've got a change state to drop incorrect if they are dropped on the wrong target.

Then change to normal when dropped back onto the hotspot at the top.

Then change state to hidden when they are dropped into the correct target.

And then the drop target changes to drop correct when the correct item has been dragged.

So the hidden and drop target triggers are additional triggers for these 4 items.

All of the other incorrect items only have the drop incorrect and normal triggers.

It is very confusing as to why this is happening.

Surely if I have the trigger to change the state to normal when on the hotspot it should work regardless?

I really appreciate your help with this.

Many thanks,


David Cosman

Hello Shelley,

More than one year later, I ran into the same issue myself and have found a solution.

I think the reason why the initial objects work (the first four) has to do with how you set up your question in "Form View."

The first four objects which Ashley pointed out all appear to be set up as the correct answers for the specified activity. When they are dropped in an incorrect target and they are then replaced by another object, they go back to their normal state. It only seems to happen with these objects.

Here's a trick to work around this problem:

  1. Create a "dummy" shape and place it outside your slide (in the grey area).
  2. In Form view, set up all your other draggable objects to have the dummy shape as their correct target.
  3. Since you are setting up another drop target, but since this dummy target exists outside the slide, you'll also have to edit your Correct condition. You can see more of how to manually set up Correct conditions for drag and drop questions here:

This will force every object to return to normal once it is replaced by a target. You actually don't need the triggers you were creating; as long as every object has a drop target, Articulate will set the states correctly for you.

I've attached an edited .story file so you can see what I did in the first slide to get the behaviour working correctly.