Allow user to save video local

I would like to give users the possibillity to save embedded videos local.

One way is to use trigger jump to url/file. But then the video exist two times one at story_content/ (crypted name) and one at story_content/external_files/ (real name). 

I'm looking for a way to download embedded video by e.g. right click on video.

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Glenn Jones

Why don't you put the video on a streaming server (SharePoint or Google Drive perhaps), then rather than embed the video in the course, show the video stream within a web object?  You could also then include a link to the download on the same page.

Of course, that would only work if you were online while viewing the course...

Michael Anderson

Kai, I think I figured out a way to do this, but you will have to put the download link inside of a web object. You will also have to test within your specific environment. Take a look at the attached project file and let me know if that accomplishes what you're trying to do.