Allowing learners to record and playback inside a course

Aug 13, 2012

We'd like to let learners listen to an audio recording of someone speaking, which is simple to do by adding a voice recording.

However, we would then like to let the learner record themselves repeating the voice recording they heard, and be able to listen back to it from within the course/slide.

Is there a way to achieve this with Storyline? Can it be done with javascript or perhaps by using a web object?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Anna, welcome to the community

Our development team sees every feature request that comes through, and they rely on the feature requests to help them determine future features, but we have a tight-lipped policy about what will and will not make it into future versions. 

If you'd like, please feel free to add your voice!

Alan Yu

Jurgen, I wrote you a response. Not sure why it did not save or why it might have been removed.

I am designing an e-learning platform to cover languages that are important but not commonly studied such as the Thai language and Indonesian. It's important to be able to teach people how to speak correctly. So, there may be times when I would like the user to repeat a sentence after a native speaker or answer a question that has been asked to them in the target language or to describe a picture that has been presented to them. They should be able to have their speech recorded, played back to them, and then they should be able to compare their own speech with that of a native speaker. The materials are designed to be used without a course instructor to listen and correct the student, much how like Rosetta Stone is set up for self study. 

Regarding another project, I have also developed communication for public speaking materials and would like to add activities that help people to pay attention to their content, their voice delivery, and their nonverbal behavior. So I would like to have audio and video tools where the user can record themselves, observe themselves, write down some notes in a textbox, and  submit those video and audio materials along with their notes for feedback from a course instructor.

I hope that helps you out. 

Lynn Lohmeyer

Andrew - on this and many other features, it seems that Articulate is happy to rest on it's laurels and customer base.  So many requests for features that are years old and no progress and no response from the company.  Very little seems to done in improving features, in some very basic ways.  Especially in the Rise space.  No ability to sort courses in Review 360.  Really? 

I have no voice in what authoring tools the company chooses to use, but if I did, I would join you in looking at what other options are out there.