Allowing Seekbar to only Rewind and Not FF

Sep 30, 2014

HI!  I just downloaded Storyline 2 and am super excited!  I'm wondering if there is a way to add the seekbar or the new Slider control to only allow for rewinding. We want our students to watch a video and be able to rewind if they didn't quite catch something, but not be able to fast forward.  Any way to do this?


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Emily Ruby

Hello curlyQT,

In Storyline 2, you can set the seekbar to be Read only. This will not allow users to fast forward. They can still pause the slide and hit the replay button, however this will take them back to the beginning of the slide.

here is a thread about making custom progress bars that might help.

Caroline Rogers

Hi, has this been changed yet? As I see the last post was 5 years ago! I have the Player set to 'Allow drag after completion' but some of our scenes are quite long so I'd like the user to be able to pause and then rewind if needed - and not having to wait until the whole timeline finishes until they can do this - they would have lost their place by then! Thanks