Allowing Seeking Only After a Slide Has Been Viewed

May 07, 2015

Hi All,

We are creating a course that will have restricted navigation.  A learner will have to view a slide in its entirety before he/she is able to progress forward.  The seekbar will be visible for our course and when a learner is viewing the slide for the first time, we do not want to allow seeking. I have two questions:

(1) Once the learner has viewed/completed a slide and wants to go back to a previous slide, is there a way to allow seeking AFTER the slide has been viewed?

(2) If our navigation is restricted, the slide advances by the user and when revisiting is set to resume saved state - will the learners be able to go back to previously viewed slides and pick up where they left off? Or will this be prevented with restricted navigation?

Your answers are very much appreciated! 


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Emily Ruby

Hi Nathan,

As far as using the seekbar, if you have it set to Read Only to not allow seeking, it will be like that on every revisit, whether it is restricted or not.

For the resume saved state, this will this option will always prevent the slide from rewinding. They can return to previously viewed slides, but it will pick up where they left off, and will not be able to rewind. If there are any interactive elements in the slide, they will not be able to review them.

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