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Oct 26, 2016

"Allow user to drag seekbar" and "Free" navigation restrictions behave the same. Learners can skip forward and back at any time.

"Restricted" navigation allows "free" navigation on material already viewed.  Good enough.

"Seekbar is read-only", unlike "restricted" navigation, prevents a learner from unrestricted seeking on previously viewed slides.

That's the implementation. Is everyone good with this or should the seekbar behave like restricted and allow free seeking on previously viewed slides?


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Ali Goulet

Hi Sam, 

Thanks for sharing here, I can see you've given this a lot of thought. Yes, if I'm following what you're describing, by design when returning to a slide where the seekbar is read only then it will still not allow the user to scrub through it and forces them to view in its entirety. If you'd like to see a different type of behavior for this, I would recommend also sharing your thoughts with our Product Development team by way of this form

Perhaps other community members will be able to chime in with their thoughts on this as well! :)

Mark West

I was also looking for this exact functionality.  I guess I was looking for a "third" option in the seekbar menu: 

  1. Allow user to drag seekbar
  2. Read Only
  3. Read Only, but allow seeking on previously viewed slides 

If anyone has an answer to allow this without creating a custom seekbar/player, I would love to hear it.  Thanks!

Katie Riggio

Hi, folks. I'm so excited to let you know that update 21 for Storyline 360 is here!

What's inside? Please welcome the Conditional Seekbar in the Modern Player! You can use this new feature to prevent learners from skipping ahead until they've completed a slide. The seekbar is locked the first time learners view the slide. After that, they can drag the seekbar back and forth.

Plus many more goodies; check out all the new features and fixes here! 🎁

Here's how to update Storyline 360 to see everything the latest release has to offer. Be sure to let us know what you think!

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