Allowing the learner to create downloadable Notes or create a Learning Journal in Storyline

Mar 23, 2023

I put a post up some time ago under the heading:

Creating downloadable pdf files in Storyline - an update on earlier methods - Articulate Storyline Discussions - E-Learning Heroes

And I realise, from subsequent posts I have seen that this entry is not being picked up when you search for information on either "Creating downloadable Notes" nor "Creating a Learning Journal" because I didn't put those things in the heading or tags. That was my mistake.

Obviously if you can create a downloadable pdf which contains learner-generated input (which is what the sample story I loaded does) then you have everything you need to do either of the above tasks.

Moreover, when you see that the downloadable pdf is based on a pdf template that you upload with the course and the JavaScript code fills out the fields you define in that template, you realise that this method allows you to completely reformat the Learning Journal WITHOUT modifying the JavaScript code (so long as you include the same fields somewhere). You will also probably realise that the same code with only minor modifications can be applied to generating downloadable certificates...

I'm just saying..... I don't know what you have to do these days to get a post 'featured'. Frankly, good though it is, I'm a bit tired of reading how to help Josie solve the mystery of the mixed message.

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