Allowing users to add icons and shapes within a module

Hello all,

I am creating a module in Storyline 360 that allows the user to input their 5-year plan. The exercise is like this:

There's a 1x5 table, with each column corresponding to a year (year 1, year 2, year 3...). The user inputs via text, icons, shapes (see below). Is this possible to give them access to the content library and/or shape tool?


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Christian Herman

You can't give create controls to learners, but you can insert a selection of icons from the Content Library for them to move as they wish. Create the whole slide as a freeform drag and drop quiz question and set each icon as a drag item. Creating what you're proposing is going to take a lot of time, and it may not be as flexible as you envision, but here's a few ideas to help you get pretty close:

  • Give up some space on the side of the slide for a "Toolbox" to store icons, shapes, and text entry boxes.
  • Stack multiple copies of each icon on top of each other in the Toolbox to allow for using the same icon multiple times.
  • Choose a color palette and give each icon a state with each color in the palette. Create a color picker in the Toolbox.
  • Give each shape additional states with sizes, or give several size options for each shape in the Toolbox.
  • Give multiple sizes of text entry boxes, because the auto resize settings don't affect the field on the learner side.
  • Use dials for the gauges at the bottom of the design.