Screen reader reading objects in states that it shouldn't "see"

I'm working with shapes (functioning as buttons) that have a Normal and a Selected state. I have put icons on the Normal states.

For all objects in both states except those that contain text, which includes the icons, I've gone to Accessibility and deselected "Object is visible to accessibility tools". 

For all icons, if they are "invisible" via deselecting this buttons, the name of the icon is not read by JAWS. However, depending on the complexity of the icon, most icons are still partially read by JAWS; the name is hidden, but the paths are not. Icons that are "one path" are completely hidden, whereas for those that are made up of several paths/shapes, the component parts/shapes are read, one by one, as "freeform 1" "freeform 3"  etc.

See attached graphic.

On an unrelated note, you should change the feedback that the screen reader gives when you are adding or changing the accessibility option -- right now, the "close" button is reported by JAWS as "cancel" even though it keeps your changes.)

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Karen!

I'm happy to help! Are those icons still listed in the Focus Order? If so, I'd recommend removing them to make sure JAWS ignores them entirely. Here's what the Focus Order looks like:

How interesting that JAWS reads off the Close button as Cancel in the Accessibility Tools window!  I'm noticing the same behavior with NVDA too. I've noted this and shared it with our team for clarification. Thanks for bringing this up!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Rachael!

Objects on the timeline are included in the Focus Order. The object's states aren't included in the Focus Order, but I can see how this would be beneficial to customize the alt text of an object's states.

I've shared this with my team so that we can look into this! Thanks for taking the time to share.

Ann Hargrove

Did your team find a solution to this issue? I'm having the same problem. I've deselected icons in the accessibility menu, but it is still reading pieces of the icon. I completely ungrouped the icon and deselected all parts to not be read by the screenreader, but it is still reading objects such as freeform 1 and freeform 2. (which are pieces of the clipboard icon)

Becca Levan

Hi Ann! Welcome to E-Learning Heroes ✨

If possible, could you share the slide with the clipboard icon to see what you have going on in your project and test things on our end? You can share it publicly in this discussion or privately here. We'll reach out with our findings shortly after reviewing your file!