JAWS reader ignores Alt Text with icons


I have two icons on a slide that I inserted using the Insert > Icons command. Storyline 360 named the objects "previous icon 1" and "next icon 2" (in the area to the right where you would see the filename if inserting an image.) I changed the name of the icons in the timeline to "Previous arrow" and "Next arrow" respectively. (See attached image.)

When I test with the JAWS reader, it's picking up the name assigned by Storyline and ignoring the name I give the object. It also ignores any text that I add to the Alt Text field for the icons.

For example, JAWS says "Previous icon 1". To activate, press spacebar."

Does anyone know why JAWS would ignore the Alt Text, but only with icons? Can I change the name that Storyline assigns to the icons to work around the problem? I don't see a way to do this.




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