Alt Text Problems on images with the Zoom Picture function

Dec 18, 2019

I've come across an issue with Alt Text and (NVDA Screen Reader, probably with JAWS too). If you add Alt Text to an image and also add the Zoom Picture function to the image the Alt Text isn't read aloud by the screen reader. If you switch off the Zoom Picture function the Alt Text is read aloud. Storyline seems to be wrapping the image in a Section and that is what is announced instead of the Alt Text. "Section". I'm pretty sure this is a bug and needs attention or a work around.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Timothy!

Thank you for sharing this with us! We've shared this with our team and they have confirmed it's a bug. I'm going to add your comments to our active report so that our team can continue investigating!

In the meantime, I found 2 workarounds for you!

The first is to disable Zoom Picture.

And the second is to add the Alt Text as a text box above or below the image so the screen reader will narrate it.

I'll report back to this discussion when I hear of an update!

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