Altering Question Scores

Oct 09, 2013

Hi folks,

I'm working on a game-ish course for a client with a Who wants to be a millionaire bent.

I'd like to have say 10 questions.

With each question, you have the option to check with a colleague, check the library, or eliminate a distractor (each on a button).

If you answer the question clean (and correctly) you get 5 points.

If you check with a colleague then answer correctly you get 4 points.

If you check the library, then answer correctly you get 4 points.

If you eliminate a distractor, then answer correctly you get 4 points.

So, each question is set to a value of 5 with a point being subtracted for each 'helper' button you press.

What I can't see is a way to alter the score for the question. The variable just does not appear to be visible.

So I can work around that by creating a new variable (say QuestionScore), then adding it to another variable (say TotalScore). If I wanted to pass TotalScore to the LMS to indicate if the course was complete, how would I accomplish that?


Thanks in advance! 

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Jeff Kortenbosch

I'm pretty sure someone did this before already? Don't know if it had that sofistication though. The regular variables are pretty basic in Storyline and I'm not sure if you can edit the quizscore like that. Might be some javascripting required might not be possible

I'm not a big scripter but...

A result slide has 2 variables %Results.ScorePercent% and %Results.ScorePoints% you might want to subtract from those (-1) when they select one of the helpers.

On the other hand? why is this an actual quiz? You can create questions without the slide being a question slide. Do you need to pass a test score to an LMS?. Otherwise just go with regular slides and have the course tracked for completion...

Sean Speake

Hi Jeff,

I'm pretty confident I can figure it out so long as it doesn't need to pass the final score to the LMS.

If it does need to pass to the LMS, that's where I get lost.

Would it be possible to build a hidden question slide that gets answered correctly based on the score in the Game portion?

Then use the TotalScore varialbe to automatcially answer the question correctly or incorreclty based on.

I'm basing this idea on a screener I saw from Jeannette



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sean, 

I also can't help you out with the coding issue, but I wanted to point you to a few other things. 

First, there was a similar discussion about creating such games in this thread, where Phil mentions having created a "Who wants to be a millionaire?" style game - he said he couldn't share it, but he may be willing to talk with you about how to set it up. 

Second, Storyline doesn't report the value of a variable to an LMS, but you can communicate them using this method. 

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