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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Whitney,

My confusion with this comes in when I think of a user on an iPad. They don't really "hover" over anything using the device. Yes, it may be silly, but I pictured someone just holding their hand over the iPad While that would be cool, obviously, that's not possible. 

They'd have to tap, or swipe, or make some other type of "touch" interaction on the screen. You could just have a layer display when the text box does, containing the additional information and have the user click on a button to return to the text box. 

Another option would be a marker. Though the animations aren't supported in HTML5, they are supported in the Articulate Mobile Player. I'm not sure which you're using, but either way, maybe this would pull a little attention to the information.

Just tossing some thoughts out there Would be interested in seeing how you end up designing this.

Good luck!