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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Elionay and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

It sounds like you'd want the end-user/learner to be able to determine this? If so, I'll leave this to the community for ideas and suggestions for building and tracking. You will only be able to track one result slide.

You can certainly set up feedback/branching and you can utilize question banks as well.

Elionay Imbert

Thank you for getting back . I really wanted to be able to use the questions so the end user could select a certain amount of questions from a question bank. Instead of making 5 different quizzes to cover the content the learner/student can choose how many question they wanted to select from the question bank . This would save an enormous amount of time on the preparation . The goal is to help students pass a national test that includes different subjects. I know there are certain apps that do this but most of the time it lacks content. By creating these quizzes with the correct material it help the learner be more prepared.