An "Add to My Schedule" feature?

I am creating a course for work which is aimed at helping the visitors of a rather large event we host every late Fall navigate their way through our schedule of events, vendors, speakers, etc...  Rather than creating an App we found that almost every functionality we wanted was able to be realized by Storyline 2.  Of course, the one function which isn't so easy to get around is the one I've been stuck on for days.  

Is there any way to add a feature which will create a schedule for the user or allow items to be saved to their personal calendars?  We have an LMS and may use it in the future for this project but, for now, it is just too close to the event to start handing out login information to all of our visitors.

I've been able to easily create interactive maps and facility schedules in Storyline 2, it's the SAVING of those schedules or even printing of them which we cannot figure out how to manage.

We're really just looking for any solution which would allow our users to select an event and refer back to it later as a saved favorite.

Any and all help appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Really interesting concept Jessica - but I haven't seen anything like that. I know that folks use Javascript triggers to send emails, maybe it would be something similar? It's outside my area of expertise, but you can begin by reviewing the best practices here and also hope that the community is able to pop in here and assist!