An object on top of another object

I'll try my best to explain what I'm trying to do here.  

-  So I'm have two rectangles.  That both have a state change when they're clicked.

-   I also have two other rectangles placed directly on top of them.  The rectangles on top have no outline, no fill.  These two clear rectangles also have a state change with an outline and fill..  

-  When both of the rectangles on the bottom change state, then the two rectangles on the top should change state also.  

-  When I preview, I'm able to click on the the bottom rectangles, until.......I add in the triggers to change the state of the top rectangles, then I'm blocked from clicking on the bottom ones.  

It seems as though having a trigger to change to the fill state of the top rectangles is blocking the bottom ones, even when the top rectangles are in the initial clear state.  I could've sworn I was able to accomplish this in a previous project, but now, no luck.  I don't see any reason why this shouldn't work.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks so much!

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Dennis Hall

Hi Andrew:

It's normal that an object in front of another will block your mouse click for the objects behind. There is no "click through action" available.

I recommend creating custom states, variables, and triggers to control this activity.

I have attached an example.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Andrew Probert

Thanks for the help Dennis.  That's not really what I'm looking to do though.  I attached a sample file to show what I'm trying to do.  I need the top shape to act as a cover for the bottom shape so that the user cannot click on the bottom shape after certain point in the activity.  

This is how it should work in the sample I attached:

-  User clicks on both bottom rectangles to Change the State of both to the 'Show' state.

-  On top of these clickable rectangles are No Fill rectangles in their initial state.  The state of the top rectangles is then triggered to change to a filled 'Cover' state when both of the bottom rectangles are in their 'Show' state.  i want the top rectangles filled now so that the user can no longer click on the bottom rectangles.

* I am able to click through to to the bottom rectangles with a No Fill rectangle on top, until............I had the triggers for the state changes of the top rectangles, and then I can no longer click through. *

Thanks so much for the help


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Andrew - me again. I took a look at your story I think there is an easier why to do what you are trying to achieve. I don't think you need the cover shapes at all. Anyway, I modified your file to show you two ways to achieve what you want. The first example uses your cover shapes. The second example eliminates the cover shape and just uses the built-in disabled state.

Andrew Probert

Thanks Nancy for the quick reply.  There really was an easier solution and I just a had a brain block.  Storyline already thought of this with their 'Hidden' state.  I was trying to create my own hidden state when one already exists and actually works.  So using the initial Hidden state did the trick for me.  Thanks so much for the all the help!