Nov 11, 2021

I am publishing an updated Storyline file, and moving to our CRM to go into Canvas. When I publish to Web, all files (html5, mobile, story_content, meta, and story) update to the correct date, but the analytics-frame file doesn't update to the correct date, and I believe it is stopping the file from updating to the changes.

Any suggestions?

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Steve Gannon


What is the date of your analytics-frame.html file? I have the latest version of Storyline 360 installed and the date of the analytics file is 10/29/2021 even when publishing a file today (11/12/2021). The analytics file in the published folder is the same date as where it originates from: C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\360\Storyline\player\{classic or unified depending on the player chosen}

If you have Storyline up to date but the analytics file is much older, that does seem odd. If not, I'm wondering if there's something else going on with your project.

Steve Gannon

I think you're all set then as far as the analytics file goes. As I noted, the analytics file is pulled from the Storyline 360 installation folder. Even though you may have installed an update since 10/29/2021, that file apparently did not change (it's dated 10/29/2021 on my machine as well even though I have updated since then). The date of the file isn't updated when you publish a project, it just gets copied over to your publish folder from the installation folder.

The issue you're experiencing, " is stopping the file from updating to the changes," is likely being caused by something else. Can you explain in more detail what isn't "updating to the changes"?

Steve Gannon

I'm surprised the date of a file would cause such a problem. Have you tried uploading an older version to Scorm Cloud and then overwrite it with a newer version to see if the problem happens on that platform? If it doesn't, the issue lies with your CRM.

One way around it, if indeed the file date is the problem, is to extract the analytics file from the published zip, open the analytics file in Notepad and add a simple space at the beginning of a line (so Notepad recognizes the file has changed but the functionality of the code isn't changed) and then save the file and replace it in the zip. The file will have today's date.

Steve Gannon

Is the CRM displaying an error message when you upload the later version of your project indicating that the analytics file in particular (or any file in general) is out of date or date-mismatched? Or is it just that you do not see the updated content after trying it out on the CRM platform?