Storyline 360: Is there a template for "index_lms.html"?

May 24, 2018

When we publish a project, we need to manually open the index_lms.html file and add Google Analytics script to the header so we can track course usage. Is there some "template" file I can modify so the Google Analytics script is in every project I publish, automatically? It would save us 15-20 minutes for every course we publish, not to mention the inevitable errors because we are asking multiple people who are not coders to do this. We have hundreds of courses we would like to update, and an easier solution would be much appreciated!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Joe.  That sounds like a lot of room for error, so I think it was smart to reach out in the community to see if you could get some advice!

That file is one of many that is created during the publishing process, so there isn't a native way in Storyline to change the way it's rendered.  We can't help with modifying the published output, but I hope you get some traffic on this idea!

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