Android device can't play courses anymore

Hi All

I am experiencing a new problem since publishing via Articulate 2. The Android device I am testing the courses on can play them with no problem if they are published from Articulate 1, but not from Articulate 2.

The device can't go past the screen with the big play button (see image below).

Any help will greatly be appreciated!


Thank you


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marnus,

Storyline 1 didn't offer support for Android, but Storyline 2 does support the Android devices and browsers detailed here. Are you unable to click on that play button to start the course? That is how my courses often look on my Galaxy Tablet in the Chrome browser. 

Did you confirm that you published for HTML5 as a part of the Storyline 2 publish process? Can you share a link to the course here with us? 

Marnus van den Berg

Hi Ashley,

The play button does not respond at all.

I made sure that it is published for HTML5.

I should probably state that we are playing the course through a app which we developed for a client and not directly through the web.

The strange thing is that the exact same course works on my Android phone which is Android version 5.0. The tablet is version 4.3. But here is the strange part: A course which somebody else published with the exact same publishing options (also from Articulate 2) works on the tablet. I have published the test course from different computers (also recreated from scratch) to make sure that the problem does not lie in the computer and all of them act in the same way, can't go past the screen as shown above.

I have uploaded the course here:

But as stated above, this is different than playing it through the app.

Thank you

Xenothan Hojem

Hi Guys

The minimum requirements list here  states android 4.1 and above, however when we run courses using the android web browser we get the following results:

- Android 4.2: Audio and Video do not play at all

- Android 4.3: Audio does not play. Video plays, but no audio

- Android 4.4: Audio and Video play correctly

Has anyone been able to get the above to work on Android 4.2 and 4.3? If so, please share your experiences with us and also how you created your content. We are using SL2.

Although as per Marnus above, the solution would be to use updated tablets, the challenge is that we already have well over 100 tablets running 4.3, so its not viable.