Android Support for Inserted SWFs

Jun 13, 2015

I've inserted an external SWF into a Storyline file and tested it in our LMS and all was good--I rejoiced. A colleague tested it on an Android device: The Storyline player and backgrounds created in Storyline appear but not the inserted SWFs.

I know that even the HTML5 published packages are based on SWFs so why would the player, etc. work but not a (very simple, mind you) SWF inserted onto the timeline?

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Jay Sprout

There's got to be an alternative to converting an SWF to an MP4. My test animation is only 2kb as an SWF but 639 as an MP4 (and it doesn't loop as an MP4). Is there any way to bring in the published HTML5/JS output from Flash into Storyline? To put it simply, I want control and animation beyond what Storyline can do. I'd love to love Storyline. Please help.

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