Animate object from one position to another on click of a button!

Jul 23, 2012

Hello Guys,

I have a button on screen and one image. When the user clicks the button I want image to animate and move horizontally from one position to another. I have attached sample in flash on link below.

Any work-arounds please ? Thanks in advance for your kind consideration!

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vinayak kadam

Hi Rebecca,

That was an excellent workaround step by David. Buut I just want teh object to stay on screen and not go off the screen. I think that excellent piece of animation created by David unfortunately is quite not related to my requirement. I think we should have soem thing in Articulate wherein we could specify source and destination point on screen and ask the object animate between the two destinations!

Gerry Wasiluk

Having motion path animations in Storyline (like in PowerPoint) was one of the most oft requested features during the beta.  I believe someone has posted that Articulate might be working on adding some new animations but no more is known on that or when we might see then.

In the meantime, here's a thread with some alternatives:

And sending in a feature request to Articulate for their consideration never hurts.  The more entered, the better.

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