Animated bullet point/numbered list issue

Feb 27, 2013

I'm working with a list in a textbox in Storyline.  If the list is a bulleted list or a numbered list the fade in by first paragraphs animation doesn't seem to work properly if there's an extra line break between items.  It seems to fade in the 

Steps to reproduce:

1) Created a numbered or bullted text box list in storyline.

2) Make sure that theres one or two lines that wrap down to the next line.

3) Use Shift+Enter to put a blank line between the numbered or bulleted items


Here's how your list should look:

1) this is some text on one line

2) this is some text on one line that 

wraps down to the next line

3) this is more text

4) this is more text that 

wraps down to the next line


4) Apply a Fade In by first level paragraph animation.

5) Preview the slide.

You should see:

- Item 1 fade in

- The first line in item 2 fade in

- The second line of item 2 fade in

- Item 3 fade in

- The first line in item 4 fade in

- The second line of item 4 fade in

I would expect that both lines of item 2 and 4 should fade in together.  Keep in mind that's wrapped text, NOT text with a return on the line.

Here's the interesting part, if you do this without numbers or bullets, it works properly.

Can anyone else reproduce this? Is this expected behavior or is there something else that I should be doing.

Thanks in advance.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Andrew. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Out of curiosity, are you using the built-in formatting feature for the numbered lists? If so, does the same thing happen if you manually add the numbers?

As for bullets, I know there have been some issues with these. Usually, inserting a shape to appear as a bullet, rather than using the bullet points for lists will improve the functionality of the formatted text. 

We're working on improving the text formatting features. In the meantime, create multiple levels of bullets or numbered lists using any of the methods described here:

Articulate > Storyline supports one level of bullets or numbered lists

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