Top Text Box Wrap Forces Bottom Text Box to Move Down

Aug 23, 2018

Hello, Heroes... let me set the scene. I have 2 text boxes stacked on top of each other. The top text box contains 2 lines of text. I'd like to configure so that if the top text box wraps to 3 lines, it automatically forces the bottom text box to shift down thus retaining the space between the 2 text boxes. I've seen this behavior in a quiz question slide whereby if the top text box wraps, the question text box, the answer text box moves down automatically.

I'm creating a template and would like the space between the 2 text boxes to be preserved in the event the top text box wraps to a 3rd line or more.

Thx so much. :-)

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Thomas!  The graded quiz slides behave a bit differently when you're editing them.  Because they include certain built-in features for each interaction type, they're designed to be easy to format.  That means, as you're adding text to the question title text box, the interaction choices will dynamically move down to accommodate the question text.

Are you creating a slide master layout that is meant to accommodate longer text?  It sounds like you want to have at least two text placeholders that will adjust based on how much text is added when the layout is being used.  It won't work the same way as a quiz slide, but maybe some folks in the community can offer ideas about how they handle placeholders when you aren't sure how much text will be added!

Thomas Croteau

Hi, Crystal... thx so much for your response. I had a feeling auto-shifting was built in to quiz questions (at least the questions I was working with). I could not find any such formatting feature to apply myself.

I'd be interested to see what others do in this situation. Not a big deal. As I typically do, I always use the longest text strings to create templates to minimize formatting customization needs but as you're well aware I'm sure, there's always those pesky exceptions.

Thx again, Crystal. Much appreciated.

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